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Little Bill"Little Bill" is a young Monk Seal that was found orphaned on a Greek beach in November. He was taken to MOm's First Aid Station in Spata and has received 24 hour care by MOm, with help from Attica Park Zoological Park, resulting in his successful rehabilitation.

Bill is still in rehab and needs a lot of care from his attendants and veterinarian and plenty of good food (thanks Attica Park!). When he is ready to go, Bill and his team will need to be transported to the selected place of his release. He will also need a radio tag so that his movements and whereabouts can be tracked for a few weeks (the tag falls off automatically) to ensure that he (like his five predecessors) successfully manages on his own and to learn more about the species to help with its conservation.


WWD LogoBill aims to be released back into the Aegean Sea to celebrate United Nations World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2017.



Bill is an ambassador for all Mediterranean monk seals, the most critically endangered marine mammal in Europe.



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Smiley faceThe Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal - known as MOm - is a Greek non-profit organization, aiming to protect the Mediterranean monk seal. MOm operates a national Rescue and Information Network in order to receive and disseminate information concerning stranded and injured monk seals. MOm also runs the only monk seal rehabilitation program in the Mediterranean, which is succeeding in helping orphaned and stranded pups to survive and be released back into the wild.